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June 26 2017

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Basically my thoughts on the “Millennials are Killing X” trend.

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fuck you lookin at keep scrolling




whenever people talk about primal urges half the time they’re talking about something sexual, but it’s like, sometimes you just gotta climb a flight of stairs like that, you know? it’s like my body is telling me, “buddy, five thousand years ago everyone would have bolted up stairs on all fours. it’s okay, it’s natural.”

Primal is sneaking out to your kitchen in the dead if night as your head swivels around checking for danger while stuff snack into your arms and standing stone still in the shadows whenever you hear something

exhibit a: predator instinct 

exhibit b: prey instinct

June 25 2017




since no one seems to be happy with lgbt, mogai, or any other acronym or umbrella term, i came up with a new one that i think is gonna cover all our bases:

mpreg = marginalized people of romantic, erotic and gender

this post came into my house and killed my family in front of me



being vegan is so emotionally draining like i can’t even look at someone drinking a milkshake without wanting to cry this is ridiculous if your ‘food’ makes me emotionally distressed that might be a sign that it’s not good 

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Yes, if you react in a way similar to how another dog would react to accidentally harming a play mate or a pack mate.

That’s why, when dogs are playing (especially noticeable in puppies, as they’re still learning bite inhibition), and one dog yelps loudly and sharply, like a dog does if you step on its paw or tail, if you react by immediately jumping back, not doing the thing again, and giving friendly, appeasing gestures (nice petting, ear scratching, chin scratching, etc…or if you were another dog, submissive gestures, muzzle licking, things that say ‘nono sorry! I’m not a threat to you!”) the dog does, in fact, realize that you weren’t attacking or trying to be mean and that it was accidental.

That’s also why advice to puppy owners or owners trying to retrain a dog that was never taught to not bite during play are advised to yelp like a hurt dog if their puppy/dog gets too rough and immediately stop play and turn away, because that’s a clear signal to the dog that they hurt you and you’re upset now.

Most dogs will immediately ‘apologize’ in dog language for that as, especially if it was during play, their intent wasn’t to hurt anyone, just to have fun. They’ll also tend to react that way if you yelp if they step on you. I know I’ve yelped at Bear a few times because his big 105lb ass is HEAVY and does not feel nice on a foot.

Woah the reverse tactic wow

This is SO IMPORTANT I am so glad that there is a way I can communicate an apology to a doggo if I accidentally step on their paw…because the only alternative would be exiling myself to the arctic to escape my shame

Can confirm this works btw, I used this info to train (ask) my dog to stop biting (she used to bite very hard with her very sharp teeth).

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It’s ironic because they don’t look at US as real people. 

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Dude there are 6 Garfield strips that explain Garfield is actually an abandoned cat dying alone of starvation in an apartment and all the food and friends are in their head.


What the fuck

June 06 2017

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When placed on an extremely hot substrate, some drops levitate and can be propelled over specially textured surfaces. Inspired by this work, researchers are using similar principles to explore manipulation of levitating plates using surface texture. Their apparatus consists of a semi-porous, grooved surface that ejects air upward to levitate Plexiglas objects – think air hockey table with grooves. With enough airflow, the Plexiglas levitates. The grooves force air in a particular direction – in the case of the herringbone pattern, this is in the direction of opening – and, as the air moves, it drags its Plexiglas hovercraft along. As shown in the second animation, grooves can do more than move the glass linearly; with patterns offset by 90-degrees, they can make the hovercraft rotate. 

Here’s an interesting next step for anyone out there with an air hockey table and a 3D printer: does the directional manipulation work if the grooves are on the object and not the table? In other words, can you create an air hockey puck that preferentially goes to your opponent’s goal? (Image and resource credit: D. Soto et al., source)

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Liquids don’t typically survive very long as thin films. If you try to make one from water, gravity drains it away immediately. (Not so in space.) To make a liquid film stick around, we add surfactants like soap. These extra molecules congregate at the surface of the film and provide a stabilizing force to oppose gravity’s drainage. Exactly what that stabilizing force is depends on the surfactant.

Surfactants that are insoluble are often quite viscous. These molecules distribute themselves across the interface and then they stay. They resist both gravity or even just moving thanks to their high viscosity. That produces a soap film pattern like the one on the right – symmetric and slow to change.

Other surfactants may be soluble in the film and have no appreciable viscosity themselves. These surfactants constantly move and shift on the interface as surface tension variations occur. When weak spots form, the surfactant molecules shift, via the Marangoni effect, to stabilize the film. This creates a film pattern like the familiar one on the right, with an ever-shifting palette of colors. (Image and research credit: S. Bhamla et al., source; submission by S. Bhamla)

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Inkjet printers produce droplets at an incredible rate. A typical printhead generates droplets that are about 10 picoliters in volume – that is, ten trillionths of a liter – moving at about 4 meters per second. Resolving the formation of those droplets would require ultra-high speed imaging at millions of frames per second. Instead researchers devised an alternative method to capture droplet formation, based on stroboscopic techniques. In this case the strobe is a 7 nanosecond laser pulse (7 billionths of a second) that illuminates a given droplet twice. By doing this for many droplets, the researchers can create a highly detailed time series like the one above, which shows the inkjet breakup and droplet formation. Here each droplet is 23 micrometers wide – about one-third the width of a human hair. (Image credit: A. van der Bos et al., source)



The Truth is, though he’ll never admit it, and not that anyone has asked, is that he has hated every single name that has ever been assigned to him.But he has never hated a name so much as the one that they’ve given him.

The Gumm-Gumm’s in the darklands were always quick to call him and the others Impure, so much so that for the longest time he thought that Impure was his name, a name he shared with countless others in the darkest and bleakest depths of Gunmar’s realm. Though he knew from the way the Gumm-Gumm’s spat it out that it was neither a pleasant or well liked name, it gave him a sense of comradery with the other changelings, for they were all called the same thing and as such, in some dark twisted way, they were all equals.

Gunmar too, called him and the others Impure, but eventually, over the centuries, if they proved themselves memorable in some way. He assigned names to them. After a particularly brutal assignment, Gunmar named him Alban, remembering that he had been taken from a troll village of a similar name, and for the first time in ages, He, Alban, had an identity and with it a sense of autonomy that was completely foreign and exhilarating to him.
But with that his relationships with his Impure brethren changed. He had been elevated above them, and they no longer saw him as a brother but rather an obstacle, something to breakdown or climb upon in order to free themselves from their lowly lot. Later on when he had the opportunity he researched the name and as it turns out Alban means From the city Alba, a city long gone, and with it any chance of finding out about his past, or where he came from. Not that it matters. Not that he cares. The name Alban has brought him nothing but loneliness, and eventually he decided that he does not care for it.

Sometimes, he thinks he remembers the name that his true parents gave to him. Other times he imagines it. That they named him something bold and strong in the hopes that he’d grow to be a pure, solid troll that lived up to the name…not what he turned out to …He stops imagining, for it just makes things more difficult…Whatever his name was, he hates it.

He can’t stand being called Enrique, oh it’s a nice name, it’s pleasant, and his “parents” say it with all the love and adoration that humans can muster. But all it serves is to remind him, that there is an Enrique that is currently being held in a dangerous realm, deprived of sunlight and warmth. It reminds him that he is stealing that love from some untainted child that isn’t deserving of being trapped in the Darklands. Most of all he can’t stand that Enrique is only temporary, that soon, if the Trollhunter does return, it will mean that he’s back to being Alban the impure and that the caring in his “parents” eyes will disappear and be replaced with horror and fear.

They call him NotEnrique, and it takes all his admittedly minimal self-control not to scream in anger and frustration every time they do. It’s a negative of the name he’s currently borrowing, a poignant reminder that he’s never truly going to be the girl’s brother, his “parents” son, not that he cares enough about them to want to be. It also in a way subtly points out that he’s neither a human nor a troll but some unnatural cross between the two, stuck in two worlds but never comfortable or accepted in either. He might as well be in purgatory. NotEnrique is a name that is a constant reminder that there is someone else that they would rather have with them.

He hates it when they call him NotEnrique, because it’s a reminder of everything he’s not.

June 05 2017

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Alligator house (with ducks)


Yellow belt vs. Black belt

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But the titanic sank?


if only the titanic did that

too soon


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National Geographic Magazine Puts Young Transgender Girl On Cover

Logo reports that the January 2017 issue of National Geographic, focusing on “the gender revolution,” features a 9-year-old transgender girl, believed to be the first trans person on the 128-year-old publication’s cover (or at least one version of the cover).

Because everyone knows nine years old is the perfect age to make life-changing sexual decisions.

When my 6 year old son asked me if he could play with my makeup or try on my nail polish, I simply said, “No, baby. This is for girls and women. You’re a boy. Boys and men, like daddy, don’t use this stuff.” And literally, that was it. I honestly think that parents with children like this just never said no. There are people who genuinely do suffer from mental illness and/or problems like gender dysphoria. But a lot of this can be prevented from a parental standpoint.

Ah yes, a child being transgender is exactly the same as your son wanting to play with makeup/sarcasm.  When I was little, my dad let my sister and I put shaving cream on our faces and pretend to “shave” with the plastic razor caps. Kids are curious and like to imitate their parents.  Letting a boy play with makeup or a girl pay with shaving cream has no effect on their gender identity development any more than letting a boy play with dolls is going to “make him gay.”  These types of arguments are homo/transphobic because they claim that our identities are something chosen or “made up” by parenting.

Gender roles are not the same as gender identity. I sincerely hope you never have a trans kid bc I shudder to think the kind of harm you would do to them given how obsessed you seem with forcing gender roles onto a six year old.

The American Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry calls for a set of guidelines for dealing with trans youth that basically amounts to the idea that affirming a child’s gender identity is the only healthy and safe option.  Basically the idea is that the goal of psychologists/psychiatrists with trans, nonbinary, or gender questioning patients should be to help them figure out the best course of action to affirm their gender identity, not to cure them of it. 

The idea that trans kids should be “cured” of their gender identity amounts in the abusive and torturous practice of conversion “therapy.” This is what ideas like “parent’s just need to say no” end in. Torturing kids.  We are finally seeing a push by child psychologists/psychiatrists to end this pattern in favor of actually helping trans, nonbinary, and gender questioning kids.  

Nothing about a nine year old trans girl presenting as a girl is a “life-changing sexual decision.” Cis people have this absurd idea that once someone discovers they are trans/nonbinary, we immediately start hormones and go out and get “the surgeries.” In reality, physical transition is a slow process, the course of which (and the choice of which) every trasn/nb person has to decide for themselves.  

The most anyone is going to safely give a pre-pubescent trans kid is puberty blockers, the use of which are supported by a 2014 Dutch study and which are reversible.  Puberty blockers give trans/nb and gender questioning kids the time to decide on how and if they want to pursue a medical/physical transition and also helps them figure out their gender identity without exacerbating any existing dysphoria they may have. (here’s another ARTICLE on the matter)

As for a nine year old being too young to know they are trans, kids decide to kill themselves that young so I see absolutely no harm in letting a child present in a way that makes them feel comfortable with themselves.  People need to stop assuming that children are empty shells with no knowledge of their minds or bodies.  If we trust a cis girl when she says she is a girl, if we respect that she is aware enough of her gender identity to know that, then we must extend that same trust and respect to a trans girl.

I am reblogging this one so that you can read so-many-miles-to-go’s excellent comment on the identities of transgender kids.

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that’s it. that’s the comic

Im so used to seeing negative artist comics. this is refreshing!

I-I…. this was unexpected

I’m sorry, I was gonna scroll past this but then this happened.

Listen, first: With all the self-depreciating comics we see on tumblr that talk about how hard art is and how much we hate ourselves… can we just appreciate someone loving their art for once? And not bring it down (with a shameless plug nonetheless?)

Second: All artists go through the struggle of finding their voice and making something that they perceive as good. It’s why we relate to those self-deprecating comics so much. But to say that this comic is false and unrelatable means you don’t get why artists make art.

Because we do have that experience of finishing a piece and feeling happy and proud of how much we’ve improved. We do feel wholesome when we struggled and didn’t give up on a piece and finally can see all our hard work paying off. This feeling is what makes us want to keep doing what we’re doing, to keep improving. To say that an artist isn’t an artist unless they’re struggling/ constantly unhappy with what they do is a downright toxic mindset. Shouldn’t we be supporting positivity in a community that promotes bad and unhealthy work habits and treats suffering as something you NEED to be good? 

Sure, it’s true that most artists struggle,are wanting to improve, and are unhappy with their work, but that doesn’t mean we’re not allowed to look back on what we’ve done and just be proud of what we can do and just love our work for once without having people think we’re narcissistic cause we don’t hate everything we do.

'Cars 3' First Look: Meet Pixar's New Millennials





Sounds bad.

I cannot imagine a more smug and aggravating man than a person who makes a children’s movie with a message of “fuck you, children.”

Those little leather skull caps… oh, you mean the ones that got people killed? “Yeah, let’s reminisce on when toxic masculinity killed us, the good old days before those entitled millenials wanted to live rather than die over a pig balloon.”

griffin mcelroy’s reaction to cars 3 is…mega mood

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When TERFs say TERF is a slur. Credit to  @actuallyalice

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These are brilliant

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